Full Halloween Collection

Full Halloween Collection

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Step into the shadows of the arcane with our haunting Apothecary Halloween Candle Collection. Unveil the mysteries of the night with all four enchanting fragrances...

Sanguis Draconis
"Dragon's Blood"
Delve into the enigma of incense sweetness enveloped in a tantalising touch of smoke, where ancient dragons' secrets whisper in every flickering flame.

This fragrance conjures a warm embrace with notes of Amber, Incense, Madagascar Vanilla, and Patchouli. Delicate layers of Rose, Jasmine, and Lilac add a romantic touch, while Blood Orange and Grapefruit bring a burst of colour.

Deepened by smoky whispers of a belly of fire, this candle weaves an enchanting tale of ancient magic, all within a flickering flame.

Somnia Noctis 
"Dreams of the Night"
An enchanting fusion of rustic amber and French lavender, entwined with Tonka Bean, Vanilla and Clary Sage. Lavender will sing to you like a lullaby, while Clary Sage, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, and Amber anchor you in its spell.

Let "Somnia Noctis" guide you to the land of dreams, where lavender reigns supreme, and Mr. Sandman is just a whisper away, ready to grant you a night, or perhaps eternity of serene sleep.

Ira Caeli Magna
"Great Wrath of the Sky"
Experience the eerie serenity that follows the tempest's fury, where the heavens hold their breath and secrets of the skies linger in the air.

This candle captures the eerie aftermath with a scent that is calm, and mysterious yet foreboding. Feel the chill in the air as notes of Ozone, Lemon, and Bergamot give way to an unsettling blend of Grass, Rosemary, Jasmine, Black Pepper, and Geosmin.

The lingering base notes of Vetiver, Cedar, Musk, and Patchouli cast a shadow over your space, inviting you to explore the enigma of nature's darkest beauty.
Dare to experience the unsettling calm.

Domus Tenebrarum
"House of Shadows"
Enter the abode of shadows, where mysteries and malevolence reside within the very walls, and the darkness cradles secrets of a forgotten past.

An unholy union of sinister citrus, twisted herbs, and a haunting blend of spices, all tainted by a malevolent caramel note. As the shadows deepen, a heart of foreboding florals and dark woods, infused with hints of arcane vanilla and eerie Oudh wood, will send shivers down your spine.

And in the heart of darkness, the base notes emerge—ancient woods, enigmatic moss, and unsettling leather, with a touch of smouldering cinnamon, create an atmosphere that's truly blood-curdling.

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