Halloween Collection

Step into the shadows of the arcane with our haunting Apothecary Halloween Candle Collection. Unveil the mysteries of the night with four enchanting fragrances...

Sanguis Draconis "Dragon's Blood"
Delve into the enigma of incense sweetness enveloped in a tantalising touch of smoke, where ancient dragons' secrets whisper in every flickering flame.

Somnia Noctis "Dreams of the Night"
Embrace the allure of an eternal slumber with Somnia Noctis, a scent that beckons you to the realm of forever sleep, where dreams and darkness converge.

Ira Caeli Magna "Great Wrath of the Sky"
Experience the eerie serenity that follows the tempest's fury, where the heavens hold their breath and secrets of the skies linger in the air.

Domus Tenebrarum "House of Shadows"
Enter the abode of shadows, where mysteries and malevolence reside within the very walls, and the darkness cradles secrets of a forgotten past.

Illuminate your Halloween with these enigmatic candles, but beware, for within their flickering flames, secrets of the arcane await. Let the Apothecary Halloween Candle Collection cast its dark spell and immerse you in the mysteries of the night.